Why Sambo?

Gain Confidence and Self-Awareness

Sambo is built on technique and speed much more than on brute force. Sambo parctioners must think and make decisions quickly, assessing the situation and the opponent. If you practice sambo, you should be able to defend yourself against a stronger, violent and even armed attacker using technique and wit. Combat sambo teaches strikes and throws to be used practically and effectively, rather than as an elaborate showmanship of a martial art. Anyone can learn sambo irrespective of gender or age.

By practicing sambo, taking part in tournaments, and acquiring various Sambo skills, you will gain confidence in your ability to defend yourself and you will develop grit and resilience. It will help you to become more self-aware, recognise your strengths and weaknesses and to adapt to any situation.

Gain Mental Strength

Not only does sambo help to stay fit and healthy, it plays a major role in a person’s mental well-being. Face-to-face competitions and tournaments are an opportunity to challenge yourself mentally and test your resolve. They help to put daily worries in a perspective. Can you overcome your fears, anxiety, nervousness? Can you think under pressure? Can you make quick decisions? Can you adapt? Can you win and still be humble? Can you loose with grace?
By practicing and competing, students develop the ability to take on challenges of life in a calm and determined manner. Each practice and competition tests your ability to persevere, to stay focused and determined. Although each competitor fights one-on-one, your team supports you and helps to gain strength.

Supplements other arts

Sambo is an integrative system of martial arts. It is also used to supplement other martial arts. Many MMA fighters train in sambo clubs to become more effective in combat. But weather, you want to improve your wrestling, judo or MMA, sambo is the sport that will push you forward.

Improve your Strength

Taking on a bigger opponent is always a challenging task. It is also considered to be one of the most complete workouts for your muscles. Whereas sambo certainly mostly relies on a technique, you will still be exerting a lot of energy. You will be putting your muscles to work against the muscles and weight of your opponent. Soon you discover “new” muscles that you never knew existed. This will help you gain strength better than any other form of exercise.

Increase Flexibility

Sambo requires you to move quickly to evade attacks, identify weak spots and quickly act on them. To achieve it, stretching is an important component of practicing sambo. Every practice session begins and ends with stretching exercises to keep your body in a perfect shape.

Increase Stamina and Agility

A sambo fight is considered to be among the shortest and the most intense cardiovascular workouts. Adult fights last only 5 minutes. But those are 5 minutes of a high physical strain and intensity. You will find that the heart rates of both opponents easily cross 165 bpm in such a short time. This is the heart rate that athletes target when training for endurance. That is why sambo practitioners have such anexcellent cardiovascular health.

And finally, Sambo is just a great way to get in shape while having a lot of fun. It is the perfect activity if you want to become lean, agile and strong quickly, without spending countless hours in the gym running on treadmills and pumping weights.

We make our students healthy, fit, disciplined, proud and responsible for themselves and for the people close to them. Sambo is not just a martial art. It is a lifestyle.

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